Entertainment, events & happenings around our little island; the fun, lighter side of life in Bahrain!


Past Issues

December 2010
Chai Karak, celebrating 2011, Speed Weekend and many more events and happenings around the country!

November 2010
Check out Heya Beya, a tradition before Eid Al Adha every year, Bahrain's first Anime Convention, and rock on with Sanitarium!

October 2010
With cooler weather, check out some outdoor activities, fresh Bahraini Khubez (bread), Bahrain Salsa Festival, Samsung Tablet, and more!

September 2010
It's graduation time for a lot of students; we look at tips to help you get that job you really want. We've also covered some of the happenings around Ramadan, and a lot more!

August 2010
Getting ready for the holy month of Ramadan, with tips on fasting, where to go, and more! We also look at the reason Bahrain has faced it's hottest summer in years!

July 2010
The frozen yogurt craze has taken over Bahrain! We take a look at the best of it, as well as the other craze on during the month; the World Cup!

June 2010
Who says there are no beaches in Bahrain? We find the best beaches to check out, places to watch the World Cup games, pass by the famous Aloo Bashir, and much more!

May 2010
We hunt down the best tikka in Bahrain, check out the Elham Arts Festival, Cinqo De Mayo celebrations, and more!

April 2010
Interview with local racer Hamad Al Fardan, traditional shopping spots in Bahrain, Maz Jobrani live in Bahrain, etc!

March 2010
Comparing the telco's to get you the best offers, lead up to the F1, Spring of Culture events, and much more!

February 2010
The launch of Viva, the third telecom operator in Bahrain, Jan Burger, AirShow coverage, interview with founders of Qafza 3D, and more!

January 2010
Looking at the future, and the past 20 years! Mac vs PC, travel guide to the Maldives, and much more!


December 2009
Camping out and things to do in the Bahrain desert, interview with DJ Outlaw on the launch of his debut album, reader thoughts of 2009, and much more!

November 2009
Bahrain's top spot for Mandi & Bukhari rice, the opening of the regions first indoor/outdoor waterpark, the Arabian Knights of Comedy, and a ton more!

October 2009
We check out Reflux, Bahrain's first successful rock & alternative concert! We also try out a traditional Bahraini breakfast at Gahwat Haji, interview nutcase band Thee Project, check out the races at BIC, and more!

September 2009
Bahrain one step closer to the World Cup, Bahrain's Got Talent competition at Seef Mall, and we also have an exclusive interview with City Center Legend, Mr. Smooth, Gulzar Ahmed!

August 2009
We look at the Bahrain's Funniest Person competition, check out local talents perform their music and dancing live at Seef Mall, and put down the best of what Ramadan has to offer!

July 2009
Our one year anniversary issue! We cover the events we've looked at over the past year, and not only that! With the success of last month's article, we go on a search for Bahrain's TOP samboosa!

June 2009
We go out there and find Bahrain's TOP Shawarma! Yup, you heard us right! We also cover the Elham Arts Festival and Music concert, travel advice, and more!

May 2009
Covering the biggest event of the year, Formula 1! We also take a look at the venture between the BIC and BahrainTalent.com, bringing local artists to create the exclusive Bahrain F1 track!

April 2009
Putting fashion with charity in Fashion for a Cause, interviewing Rally Driver, Football coach and more Yasmin Al Hilli, covering the racing events leading up to the Formula 1 race, and more!

March 2009
Checking out Dubai Desert Rock Festival, the biggest rock concert in the Middle East, interview with DJ and stand up comedian Imran Al Aradi, a look at Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House, and more!

February 2009
Camping out in Sakheer and what to do there, checking out the Grand Racing Weekend at the BIC, Elham events at Al Bareh and at AlDar Islands, and an exclusive interview with owner of Paparazzi Photography, Aziza Salman!

January 2009
National Day celebrations all over the country, Egyptian pop superstar Tamer Hosni in concert, interview with founder of Elham Group, Ali Al Saeed, and more!


December 2008
Drag racing and other events at the BIC, Hed Kandi come into town for some crazy partying, and we interview Bahraini musical sensation, Ala Ghawas!

November 2008
The opening of Aqua Fuego, grabbing a shisha at Gahwat Beirut, and the first exclusive interview with soon to be superstar, May AlQasim!

October 2008
The Axis of Evil live in Bahrain, TGI Fridays opens up, AutoX & Drag Racing, Local Bahraini musicians, and more!

September 2008
Checking out the best malls in town, fasting tips for Ramadan, things & places to go, Gergaoon and more!

August 2008
Discovering beaches in Bahrain, Yo Sushi & Gahwat Al Maseela, the hottest women's fashions for the summer, and much more!

July 2008
Show 'Em What you Got talent show, Lost Paradise of Dilmun, Meat Co review, and more!