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January 2009

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- Bahrain National Day: For the 16th of December, the whole country lights up! Festivals, people dressing up in red, buildings lit up, and a whole lot more! Congratulations Bahrain!

- Tamer Hosni: Probably the most popular Egyptian artist today, Tamer performs a concert live in Bahrain for Eid! A crazy night with people dancing and swinging to his popular hits!

- Ali Al Saeed: Heard of Elham? We talk to one of the founders of the creative arts group, what inspired the group to start, and what they're doing and what their future plans are

- Also in this issue: 2000CC and National Sprint races at the BIC, Russel Peters live stand up comedy in Bahrain, Najwa Karam and Sherine performing for Eid, as well as a sum-up of the most authentic place to do your shopping, Manama Souq!

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