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April 2009

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- BIC Events: More racing and events, leading up the great F1 race in April! Get ready for the biggest event of the year, with a full racing festival at the Bahrain International Circuit!

- Fashion for a Cause: Bahrain is a fashion center, but what better way to use than for a great cause? The event was done at Al Sawani Restaurant and featured local fashion designers, with great success!

- Yasmin Al Hilli: We speak to the woman whose done it all! Rally car driver, football coach and adviser, and much more! A force to be reckoned with.

- Also in this issue: Why BIC is the home of Motorsports in the Middle East, RedBull Paper Wings and putting together the best paper plane, Bahraini sandstorms, Bahrain Fort with thousands of years of history, and much more!

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